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Your existing website traffic is a goldmine.

Engage the right visitor, at the right time, the right way, and increase conversion rate of your website while improving customer satisfaction.

With our intelligent rules engine you can target specific valuable visitors with an action oriented pop-in:

  • Engage visitors you want to convert to leads.
  • Drive visitors into customers through personalized offers of sales support or unique promotions.
  • Increase sales conversion rate by engaging in a relevant and personal sales dialogue.

We allow any type of design that match your website and encourage action.

Act now and increase your conversion rate today - our customers will happily confirm the business impact and the fast implementation they've experienced.

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The improvements in the effect of our campaigns has been amazing. After the implementation of Bellmetric we have increased our offline conversions from digital campaigns with 800%

Michael Herold, Codan

Kill your cart abandonment

Catch visitors, who are just about to buy, but hesitating! Convert them to inbound calls if online purchase is not an option. Get obstacles, questions and concerns out of the way - talk to your prospects.

Engage visitors in the research phase

Engage visitors who are researching your product and optimize chances for a purchase. Leave a lasting impression and offer assistance during the decision to buy.

Increase customer satisfaction

Target visitors in need of assistance - show them you’ve got the best customer service available and increase customer satisfaction.

Simply the best way to convert visitors to customers.

Bellmetric can guide you to understand your prospects - even before you have answered the phone or call them back.

  • Match your visitors in their current mindset
  • Understand the callers interests
  • Track if the help given on phone stimulate your online sales right away
  • Follow your conversation onsite to avoid misunderstands

Realtime insight in the callers online journey enable you to give customers what they request - faster.

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Powerful analytics create a powerful impact.

If you like to make data-driven decisions, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Our dashboards and digital analytics provide detailed insights so you know which targets, messages or designs fuel your sales and provide the most leads.

Expertly developed and already in use by hundreds of organisations across the world.

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Looking to track every inbound call from your website?

Use dynamic call tracking to optimize marketing channels, increase conversion rate and improve your multi channel strategy. With Bellmetric CallTracker you can connect your online activity with incoming phone calls.

Get data such as keywords, sources, landing pages and call pages. Integrations to Google Analytics, Sitecatalyst, Siteimprove, Netminers and AdForm amongst others. Use our API to extract data to your CRM or call center systems.

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Inbound calls

1000s of meaningful engagements are each day created by Bellmetric.
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In our recent blog posts we have been talking about Exit Intent (Smart Ways to Use Exit Intent) and Cart Abandonment (Don’t Quit Because of Cart Abandonment). Let’s move onto the topic on how we can

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Online retailers lose an immense amount of money every year due to Shopping Cart Abandonment. Meaning: Visitors fill their cart with items, but then leave without completing the purchase. Baymard Institute released a web research, where they

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In the earlier blog post this week we talked about Exit Intent (Please Don’t Leave: Smart Ways to Use Exit Intent) and how to use it on your website, but what about the mobile solution? Is

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Travel Agency Increases Online Lead Generation and Offline Sales [CASE STUDY]

If there were 10 commandments for marketing, #1 would be: KNOW THY CUSTOMER! Vitus Rejser is fully aware of that and is focused on tackling it. A problem most companies have a hard time fixing. Vitus Rejser

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Cross Channel

Customers are so used to switching from their computer, to their mobile, to social media, sometimes while (physically) shopping in the shop they’re looking up online, that you can’t limit yourself to any one of these.

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Accelerate sales from your existing traffic!

Bounce rates are high, and most websites have a first-visit conversion rate of only 2 percent, just saying… Seriously – why would you go on accepting a 2 percent conversion, when you quite easy can change

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How to Fight Cart Abandonment

Online companies are reporting an average cart abandonment rate of 68%, and for the most part, webshop owners are simply accepting this trend, as opposed to trying to discover why it’s happening, or how to solve

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Power-up your website by using segments in Google Analytics

Using segmentation in Google Analytics is a way to examine if different visitor types behave differently on your website. By default Google Analytics has a broad range of segments available such as New Visitors, Returning Visitors

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Want customers? Try engaging your visitors!

In many ways, the internet is bringing people closer, but there is a growing concern that it’s actually driving people further apart. Downtown shops are struggling because of the convenience of online shopping, so many shop-owners

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Google Case Study on Bellmetric Software

Codan uncovers greater value of digital through improved call tracking Bridging the gap between online activities and customer phone calls takes one of the biggest Danish insurance companies closer to evaluating the true impact of online

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Connect Calls with Banner Ads?

Bellmetric has integrations with many analytic systems in order to provide you with the perfect “path-to-call” for your visitors and customers. Adform has made an interview with me regarding how it works for Codan. Feel free

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Your Prospects Are More Than “Internet Users”

Todays post is a friendly summer reminder from our Sales Director Pernille Solvig Graux, that there is more to business in the 21st century than online forms. Before she started working in Bellmetric she was Sales

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Bellmetric Dashboard in Google Analytics

Get Valuable Insights Google Analytics offers a range of reports and filters that allow you to look into traffic on your website. In order to get an easy overview on how your website performs, with regard

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How Codan used Bellmetric to improve return on marketing investment

Codan is the third largest insurance company in Scandinavia – in Sweden and Norway called Trygg-Hansa and is a part of the international RSI Insurance Group. “The Missing Link” Between Online and Offline  Codan Insurance have

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